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Chartered laboratory of Kineto Lab is fully equipped with instruments for in vitro cell-based analysis and for molecular techniques as well.

Kineto Lab develops different methods for testing the possible effect of new agents on tumor cell migration, adhesion, matrix interaction, proliferation and programmed cell death (apoptosis).

Kineto Lab has special expertise for testing these agents in different in vivo alli/iso- and xenograft models (i.e. subcutaneous tumor growth, orthotopic transplantation, metastasis models). These techniques can be useful for detecting the possible effect of newly synthesized agents on tumor progression in preclinical investigation phase.

The company has extensive expertise in screening assays based on several successful projects completed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions during the past years. Kineto Lab’s expert team and partner laboratories manage the whole process of drug development from target specification and molecule design to in vivo animal models through HT in vitro screenings. The company is committed to innovation and excellence, always seeking to exceed the expectations of partners.

The principal investigator on behalf of KinetoLab Ltd. is Dr. József Tóvári. Dr. Tóvári is principal investigator of several basic research and R&D projects in the field of tumor progression.