Animal experiments are unavoidable during the drug development in preclinical phase. However, the responsibility of the use of animals in research mainly holds by the scientific staff and the ethical committees. Kineto Lab Ltd. has all the official and ethical licenses for animal (mouse) research. link

Moreover, our staff is committed to observe the 3 Rs: replacement, refinement and reduction of animals in our research. link

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methods which
avoid or replace the use of animals
in research that has the potential to cause them harm.
improvements to
procedures and husbandry which
minimise actual or potential pain,
suffering, distress or lasting harm
and/or improve animal welfare in
situations where the use of animals
is unavoidable.
methods which minimise
animal use and enable researchers
to obtain comparable levels of
information from fewer animals or to obtain more information from the
same number of animals, thereby
reducing future use of animals.